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Wine Ambassador® Concept

Your Experience starts here…

 Wine Ambassador® offers 3 unique wine experiences in the world wine capital:


  • DISCOVER our wine tours : get inside the amazing and mysterious world of wine and Chateaux of Bordeaux with our wine tours, classic (our best seller experience) or tailor-made.
    Discover our wine tour experiences
  • PURCHASE your wine : the « 1/2/3« experience (full day in Saint-Émilion) for buying a custom wine cellar. Creation of your wine profile by a Wine Ambassador. Over 15 fine wines tasted.
    Discover the Personal Wine Shopper experience.
« Created by wine lovers,
for wine lovers. »

Choose your Experience :

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personal wine shopper


Wine Ambassador® :
« Follow the Gold Leaf »

Wine Ambassador is a unique concept, designed to offer an exceptional wine experience and a full premium service while discovering Bordeaux and the secrets of its vineyards and wines.
wine tour avec wine ambassador

Wine Ambassador® is the outcome of a synergy between three trades linked to the Bordeaux wine.

Its aim is to design a different and a real Wine Experience. Its expertise ensures a premium offer in classic or tailor-made wine tours, tastings, and personal wine shopper. The Wine Ambassador® know-how is totally dedicated to authenticity and pleasure through Bordeaux wine discovery.

wine ambassador _ Gold Leaf et noeud rouge
degustation de vin saint emilion avec wine ambassador
degustation de vin de saint emilion avec wine ambassador

“We have created with passion all our services to provide you real emotion and pleasure. More than a trip, you‘ll find secrets transmitted only by Wine lovers for Wine lovers.»
Such as Alice follows the White Rabbit,  follow your Wine Ambassador !

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The Wine Ambassador® Service

Excellence at the service of wine discovery!

  • Premium welcome and transportation, by professional drivers, first and foremost, connoisseurs of the Bordeaux wine culture
  • Exceptional visits and private tastings in the most famous properties of the Bordeaux vineyards or in special places in Bordeaux downtown.
  • Wise expert advice to purchase wine : from the selection of  wines that go along with you, to the creation of a very personal French cellar, including the management of a direct shipping to your home (in most of the countries, worldwide).
  • Coordination of every aspect of your trip to Bordeaux and its region. Hence, you will enjoy a tailor-made stay, where the optimization of all practical details will leave you free of enjoying the best.

« Your Wine Experience starts here. »

 wine ambassador wine tasting


The Wine Ambassador : a passionate wine expert

A Wine Ambassador is first and foremost a passionate, recognised for his professionalism and expertise in three areas :

  • Private driver service for wine tourism
  • Visit and fine wine tasting in the most famous Châteaux of the Bordeaux region
  • Wise expert advice to purchase wine an create a personalized cellar

He commits about an exclusive and premium service , for any wine lover looking for excellence.
Distinctive mark of his experience : the Gold Vine Leaf on his jacket lapel. He will drive you all day long, and will introduce you to the Châteaux hosts. Careful to your expectations, he is specifically trained to provide you the best available service.

1/ Travel to Bordeaux, 2/ visit the vineyards and 3/ bring your cellar back home !
Live the 1/2/3 Experience !

For hotel or palace conciergerie, travel agencies and tour operators, the Wine Ambassador assigned to the wine tour will permanently be reachable during the service. He will be the trusted contact person on spot, and will ensure you the highest satisfaction.

Let yourself be guided by Wine Ambassador®


Experience an unforgettable wine discovery . Ask your dedicated Wine Ambassador to advise you and present offers for tasting visits that go along with you . He will identify your personal wishes as wine enthusiast , and bring you his wise knowledgeable help to select your wine*.

*without any purchase obligation.