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Personal Wine Shopper

Choose the perfect wine for you

  • This is our passion : share our knowledge about wine, communicate the distinctive vine and wine culture, and reveal the specific tastes of each of our visitors.
    For this intent, Wine Ambassador® has created a unique and bespoke system to help you determine your own “wine profile”, for defining the wines that suit you perfectly, and have to be in your personal cellar. This is the role dedicated to the Personal Wine Shopper.

How does a day with a Personal Wine Shopper looks like ?

  • Your wine profile will be determined after the course of a whole day trip in Saint Emilion, with visits, wine tastings, and questionnaires aiming to define the different assessment criteria of your palate…
  • You will be accompanied and closely guided by a Wine Ambassador who will be your dedicated Personal Wine Shopper for an exclusive day.  At the end of this privileged experience full of interesting talks, fine wine tastings, and extraordinary discoveries in the heart of the bordelais vineyard, you’ll be able to invest in the bottles of wines that really suit you, and to have them directly delivered to your home.

Is a better place than Bordeaux to buy your wine ?

Is a better place than Bordeaux to buy your wine ?

  • Wine Ambassador® simplifies your wine purchase by offering a system of pre-assembled and custom cellars, directly shipped to your home, all over the world*, in the highest system of security.
  • Thanks to our personalized wine acquisition program, led a Wine Ambassador expert, you can buy your French wine, great Bordeaux millesimes, bottles of Champagnes and other treasures from unique French wineries.
    This service is only available after you have determined your wine profile : it will allows your Personal Wine Shopper to draw up the list of wine bottles that suit you and that we can send to your home.

Authenticity, quality, security

Our pre-assembled and custom cellars are made of high quality wines, preserved in the wineries, selected by our partners sommeliers. Their provenance are verified and the wine bottles benefit from an optimal packaging, to ensure safe transport from our wine storehouse to your personal cellar.