Gold Leaf Network

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Quality. Wine. Standard.

Luxury without compromise

Because a quality wine experience can’t be improvised, we’ve created the first high-end inter-professional network in France.

The Gold Leaf Network is embodied by the synergy between three types of players: Wine Ambassadors, partners and prescribers. It is based on a quality charter that each member undertakes to respect.

It is the most advanced wine tourism quality standard in the world.

About us

France’s first interprofessional quality network, setting the standard for premium wine tourism with the ŒLYSIUM® phygital experience.

Wine Ambassador

Guardian of experience

Become a Wine Ambassador within the prestigious network of excellence.

By joining the Golf Leaf Network, you position yourself as a recognized expert in the world of high-end wine tourism, serving private and premium customers.

As an Ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to offer your customers a unique experience, combining the physical and digital worlds through our innovative ŒLYSIUM® phygital experience concept.

Join us and let your passion for wine and your expertise shine through, while creating unforgettable moments for an exceptional clientele.


Offer your customers a taste of the world of wine

Become a prescriber within our prestigious network and entrust the realization of your exceptional stay to a recognized specialist.

As a prescriber, you benefit from a single, trusted contact for all your wine tour requests anywhere in France.

What’s more, by joining our network, you have the opportunity to market the ŒLYSIUM® phygital experience, a unique experience that combines the physical and digital worlds for total immersion in the world of wine.


Your customers deserve Gold Leaf Network excellence

Become a partner in our interprofessional network and join the ranks of recognized experts in premium wine tourism. Wine merchants, wine merchants, wineries: join our network!

As a member of our network, you’ll be seen as an outstanding player, benefiting from increased visibility and notoriety. 

As a partner, you’ll embody the excellence of French living, offering refined, unique experiences to a premium, private clientele. 

Join us and position yourself as a key player in high-end wine tourism, offering exceptional moments that reflect the savoir-faire and charm of French culture.

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